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Al Savay, BAPDA Chair and San Carlos Community and Economic Development Director,

Hing Wong, ABAG Senior Planner,

Steering Committee

Al Savay, City of San Carlos, BAPDA Chair
Miriam Chion, ABAG
Brent Cooper, City of American Canyon
Hillary Gitelman, City of Palo Alto
Diane Henderson, DMH Land Use Planning
Rosalynn Hughey, City of San Jose
Paul Jensen, City of San Rafael
Charlie Knox, PlaceWorks
Casey McCann, City of Brentwood
Colette Meunier, Consultant
John Rahaim/AnMarie Rodgers, City and County of San Francisco
Christina Ratcliffe, City of Benicia
Paul Spence, City of Livermore
Janet Spilman, Sonoma County Transportation Authority